Deepa is a highly talented and very very patient teacher.

My daughters (8 and 4 years of age) and I have been going to Netra since April '14 to learn Kuchipudi. I first went to Netra looking for a dance teacher for my kids, but Deepa's charm and exceptional knowledge in the subject tempted me to join her classes. I am so glad that I did :).  Deepa is a highly talented and very very patient teacher. Kids just adore her. Other than just teaching dance, she gives us great opportunities to perform in her recitals which helps greatly in boosting our confidence. She is extremely professional. Communicates well with parents and students. She is a great teacher, mentor and being part of Netra is like being in a big happy family.

- Shannthini

Embarking upon a journey into the world of dance

I have known Deepa for almost five years now and have been an active student for more than three years. I had a wonderful opportunity to learn Kuchupudi under Deepa's guidance. Deepa is a brilliant dancer, an amazing teacher and a role model to all her students and also their families. Learning dance with Deepa is like embarking upon a journey into the world of dance. She does not just teach dance but she also enables her students by giving them ample opportunities to perform and showcase their talent. Because of her strong presence in dance, she is also able to bring other great dancers in Kathak, Mohiniattam and even Tap dancing into her studio, enriching students' experiences. Deepa teaches all age groups, beginning from 3-4 years of age to adult groups. 

- Bindu. P

"Excellent center mentored by excellent teacher, one of the good arts school in peninsula. Deepa is outstanding" - Suvojit C.

I just love my teacher

I have been going to Netra Centre Of Arts for a year and I learn kuchipudi there and it has been awesome. i just love my teacher (Deepa). Deepa is a masterful teacher, a wonderful facilitator and group leader, Whether you are a first-time dancer or have years of experience, a lesson with Deepa will leave you not only with clear improvements to and paths to growth for your dancing, but probably with some new ideas about life as well.

- Haeteshree S.

Warm and approachable

Netra center is run by a very dedicated and remarkable person, Deepa.After years of search for a quality and professional classical dance teacher for my daughter I found Deepa.She's so inspiring and talented that just by looking at her makes one want to get on their feet... And I did!I respect Deepa as my guru and most of all  because of her warm and approachable character.She always ensures that each and every individual student as well as parents needs are well taken care of.Training new members with a positive and creative environment is what I believe has made Netra  a thriving arts center.Her classes are very worthwhile and offered at reasonable rates

- Varsha P

Extremely talented, generous and lovable women

Deepa is a versatile artist. I am learning Kuchipudi dance from her. She is extremely talented, generous and lovable women. I love the atmosphere in the class with different age groups on one floor with different levels of experience enjoying and learning dance. I am always looking forward to my Saturday morning dance class every week.

- Srujana K.

A  friend, a philosopher, a guide

Having learnt Baratnatyam as a kid, I had always wanted to go back to learn it as an adult. After a gap of 2 decades of dancing, I reached out to Deepa one day and told her I wanted to try, but I was not sure if I had it in me. Her advice to me was exactly this: "Take a leap and do it. It's always better to do it rather than not do it and regret later that I didn't when I had the chance. You can always think that I tried!!". I went, I tried and now there is no looking back :) Dance is my escape from the everyday routine and stress. It is another world, a therapy in itself. Deepa is one of those rare breed of teachers that really cares about her students as much as the art itself. She makes sure the younger ones especially feel encouraged. The kids have so much fun in class, both with Deepa and the other kids. She ensures all kids have a chance to perform on stage and gives the much needed support to all her students. If you are not looking for a regular teacher, but a friend, philosopher, a guide and an amazing Guru, come here.

- Prathibha H.

"My daughter has been attending classical dance classes from Netra center for arts and culture for almost 2 years and gave couple of group performances. Deepa is very talented and excellent teacher and multitalented.  I strongly recommend her classes." - China A.

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